Welcome to pansys module’s documentation!

The pansys module helps you interact with ansys through python. Starting a panys session is as easy as setting a variable.

from pansys import Ansys
ans = Ansys()

Now you’re ready to send commands to your newly created ansys session.


As you must have guessed, ans.send command will let you send commands from python to ansys in string format.

You can get data out of Ansys as well.

nmax = ans.get("node","","num","max")
ncount = ans.get("node","","count","")

Using get_list() function, you can get any ansys list item as well.

nodes = ans.get_list("nlist")

You can also start an ansys session in a remote machine. You will have to set up your ssh keys for this to work.

ans = Ansys(host="remotesystem")

Look into the documentation to get to know the API better.